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Jasmine You Remembered

When Jasmine You, the charismatic bassist of Versailles known for wearing even more layers and frills than band-mate Hizaki, passed away, it left a gaping hole in the JRock community. The entire fanbase shared the same shock as Versailles themselves upon learning of Jasmine Youís passing. However significant the loss was, the JRock community rallied together and tributes around the world united fans in celebrating a life that was. We at JRock Events USA felt that the beauty of these tributes was worth spotlighting. Despite not knowing Jasmine You closely, despite the fact that he had been situated miles away on the other side of the world, the JRock community still took time out of their daily lives to show their remorse and their appreciation for this talented bassist. Faithful listeners of Tainted Reality were treated to a touching tribute to Jasmine You as fans spoke live their thoughts on the bassist, and a candle vigil featuring a photo of Jasmine during which the remainder of the program was silent delicately put into perspective the reality of his passing. In America there were vigils held across the nation. On August 16th there were vigils in two of JRockís most prominent cities: New York City and Los Angeles. Fans came dressed elegantly in remembrance of Jasmine. Some brought photos and magazines featuring Versailles. Others came simply with roses (Jasmine You was fond of flowers) and candles. There were vigils held in The Woodlands, Texas and Seattle, Washington as well. Organizers encouraged attendees to bring mementos of Jasmine You and signatures were collected for a banner with messages of support to Versailles as well as Jasmineís family. In Argentina, one by one, the fans approached Jasmine Youís memorial and left lilac flowers and candles eventually forming his initials, J.Y. Here, a video highlights the somber event. Perhaps one of the most touching tributes was held across Europe. In a remarkable tribute to Jasmine, fans released lilac purple balloons into the sky. Including Russia, Ukraine, and Germany over twenty countries participated in the event. The following video highlights this stunning tribute taking place in Russia. We are sure Jasmine You can hear and feel the love all the fans have given him. In retrospect, the JRock community uniting with the single purpose of paying tribute to him has been one of the more beautiful and poignant things to occur from this tragedy. It is a testament to how much love and support radiates from this community. We all share the same feelings and it is a reassurance to know that fans didnít let the memory of Jasmine You go without condolence.

Jasmine You passed away August 9, 2009. A “final farewell” (flower offering ceremony) was announced on Versaillesís official website. It will take place in Tokyo on September 22, 2009.

written by Sarah


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