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Christon Café

by Sarah While visiting Tokyo I had the good fortune of visiting one of several “themed” izakayas (Japanese bars). The name Christon Café implied two things to me: 1). It’s cathedral or spiritual themed and 2). It’s a café, therefore I can get coffee there. Well, I was somewhat right on #1 but not so much on #2. café is really just a word when it comes down to it, and I suppose Christon Café sounds nicer than Christon Bar.

In any case, Christon Café’s theme is a cross between medieval, The Crusades, Catholicism, and 16th century vampires. I’m not quire certain if there’s a singular theme, but it was decked out enough that one would think all those things. The gargoyles on the ceiling were a nice touch. The stained glass windows? Also nice. Fans of gothic architecture will want to return to this place I’m sure.

That’s really the selling point of Christon Café–that it’s like dining in the Notre Dame. I’m pretty certain you can’t dine in the Notre Dame, so Christon Café is the next best thing. All themed izakayas have a menu of signature drinks. Christon Café’s original cocktails have some very interesting names. Brown Fruits is a powerful drink (careful if you get buzzed quickly – I wasn‘t) that contains chocolate and is tasty despite its alcohol strength. Sweet Devil is a fruity, creamy cocktail best suited for sweet tongues (as the name implies). Each original cocktail has a fancy mix-up of flavors, so experiment! The food is affordable considering the high quality. It’s not often you can get filet mignon for less than thirty-two dollars. These are small dishes however, and shared between any more than three people will leave each person with merely a crumb for a portion.

Most people would be sold on the atmosphere of this izakaya, but the food, the drinks, and the prompt service will further sell Christon Café. If you can manage, try for one of Christon Café’s lush, red velvet booths. They are intimate, luxurious and fit for royalty!


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